HP Designjet 120 Driver and Software


Hpsoftwaredriver.com – Offers free link download of HP Designjet 120 printer driver and Software for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS and Linux. This combination of the driver and software includes the full set installer guide and other options for your HP Designjet 120. Before the download please select a driver that compatible with your operating system/computer below.

HP Designjet 120 Driver and Software

hp designjet 120 series printer driver ( for Windows NT 4.0 and AutoCAD 2000 – AutoCAD 2004 )

This section will help you in the download of the software to your computer andstart you on the install process.
Beforeproceeding with the software installation, the printer must first be properlyset up, and your computer must be ready to print.


Type: Driver
Version: 5.43
Size: 1.3 MB
Release date: Jun 9, 2004
File name: pl32nt_gaen.exe


Operating Systems: 
Windows NT
Windows NT 4.0

Mac OS X
HP Designjet 120 Printer series Firmware Upgrade

This download includes the firmware file for HP Designjet 120 and 120nr Printer series.


Type: Firmware
Version: A.02.06
Size: 1.8 MB
Release date: Jan 9, 2008
File name: hp_designjet_120-120nr_A.02.06.fmw

Operating Systems:
Mac OS 9

Guidelines Installation Procedures of HP Designjet 120:

1. Click the link, and the download will automatically start
2. The Files are saved on your PC/Computer, Find out where the downloaded file is stored.
3. The driver file’s name typically ends with .exe.
3. Double-click the file to mount the Disk Image.
4. Double-click the scaled Disk Image.
5. Double-click the Installer package file in the folder. The installation will automatically start.

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